About Deejay Quality

Ricky Gutierrez, known in the Chicago scene as the one and only "Deejay Quality", was b Born in Chicago in the late 80's, where the city was rundown by gangs and violence, "Ricky" seemed to have found an escape through music. Growing in a neighborhood in the Southside of the city known as "Little Village", there weren’t many options. He quickly became infatuated with the culture of the music scene, especially since it is the "City of House", Chicago breed in him an authentic admirer of "sound production", therefore known for always bringing the "Quality".

After incorporating himself in the scene through production by making beats such as Hip-Hop, Reggaeton & Juke, he quickly made acquaintances that would help him realize his capability in music, such people like DJ Prodigy, Hex Hectic and others. Attending various house sets and venues where established entertainment groups would let him "spin". His exploits managed him to get the attention of ENT label "Second City", now known as "Hectic Media Group", and then emerging "Hit'Em Up Entertainment" to bring him on board as a producer. After various projects with both establishments he was still intrigued with the "mixing" side of the music. Thus getting various opportunities to floss his techniques on the 1' & 2's when both ENT's he was a part of began to host events where their own resident DJ's were the heart of the parties. As a DJ he released mixtapes like, "Customer Satisfaction" (second city release) and "Calidad Tribalero" (hit 'em up release), getting him the respect as a DJ leading him to DJ at venues such as Circuit Night Club, Buzzbomb, Sinbad's Hookah Lounge and others.

While exploring his abilities in DJ'ing, "Quality" met a producer/DJ known as Ozzie X, who exposed to him the existence of the music genre known as "B-More". As the ever changing Chicago scene was transferring from Juke to Dirty Dutch, he began to make his attempts to blend his knowledge of music production in these specific genres. Leading to his famously known mash up of the Usher song "U Got it Bad" with B-More, and old school House songs, which brought him a lot of respect from the music scene.

As a producer, he has a wide catalog of artists and genres for which he has used his abilities to gain respect. Making Hip-Hop beats for many artists locally such as chi ill & ace mac, the group for which he became incorporated to as Executive Producer known as "Flatline Vendetta" and the group "Ill Bred" whom also had him as a producer. After the success of these collaborations he was contacted to produce for known rap-parody artist Chingo Bling. This brought much earned attention because of his “Quality” sound. As a producer to both Second City and Hit'Em Up Entertainment, he has worked rigorously on projects with label mate artists such as Hex Hectic for Second City and producing an EP with Hit'Em Up Entertainment's Reggaeton artist Xilef. In the Chicago Hip-Hop scene he has been a part of dozens of producer battles held in venues such as Reggie's, The Zocalo Urbano, The Batey Urbano & Juniors Sports Bar. Such performances granted Quality the respect and credibility as a producer leading him to become a host and organizer of such events later in his career.

After a long trajectory of music, he is now currently a producer for Fatal Beatz, and the newly established branch of Hit'Em Up Entertainment known as "Hit'Em Up Music". He has proven to always bring genuine music, for always representing "Quality"